Today, natural gas standby generators have an automatic exercising switch. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds, I promise. Simply put, the system, just like a person’s body or heart or what-have-you, it needs to be tested to operate properly. At A/C Advice, what we do is we teach you how to just set the standby generator at any time during the day to be “tested.” Every day at that time during the day or night the following week and weeks and months after that, it will always exercise.

The generator, without interrupting power to the home, exercises the necessary functions to ensure maximum efficiency for the long haul. For about 15 minutes, your generator is made operational. After, there will be a green light saying it’s good to go. The machine is in great working order, however, if you want to enhance that process as you travel quite a bit (maybe in the Summer or for business), we offer on-site generator monitoring. With this service, A/C Advice will email you anywhere in the world on your iPhone or iPad or Mac or whatever you have, we will send you a confirmation alerting you to the fact that your generator just completed its exercise, how long the exercise lasted, if there was a power outage, the extended run time and most importantly, if there’s a fault. If there’s any fault it emails you and/or the A/C Advice team and the dealer, simultaneously so we can respond very quickly and get the standby generator serviced right away.