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Living in Florida or South Carolina means we’ll get our fair share of hurricanes, but it doesn’t mean we have to suffer without power come hurricane season. With an emergency stand-by generator from A/C ADVICE, you can keep your family safe, comfortable and secure, no matter what the weather brings. We even carry indoor generators, ideal for condos and apartments. The interruption of power for any length of time can occur at any time due to hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, snowfall and other natural happenings. Having emergency backup power in such situations is essential in your home, condo or business to run critical appliances like lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, heaters, and medical equipment.

A/C Advice Of South Carolina has been selling, installing and servicing generators in Florida since 2002. We are ready for deadly storms and you can be too. Feel safe knowing that your generator was bought from and installed by the nation’s leader in residential generators with thousands of installations.

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  • Working with local Florida and South Carolina municipalities and companies to ensure safe and “up to code” installations

  • Features 10 years parts and labor warranties on all new generators

  • Specializes in residential installation of standby generators

  • Offers multiple financing options so you can afford to feel safe in case of a storm

Be Self Sufficient, Self Reliant, and Independent!

We offer a full line of quality generators to fit your needs. A/C ADVICE will install a generator on your home or office providing you with:

  • Smart Asset Protection

  • Peace of Mind

  • Independence

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